Healthy Eating for Students

Healthy Eating for Students

Healthy Eating for Students:5 Healthy Habits Every College Student Should Adopt

Healthy eating for students is a guest post by Zara Blake, a nutritionist blogger from the UK. She explains 5 Healthy eating habits every college student should adopt.With her background in nutrition and finance, she has written many articles on health, wellness and finance. At present she is focusing on ppi claims. You can see her posts @financeport

Being a college student, you need to eat nutritious food to stay healthy. Below are five fantastic eating habits that might make you healthy and strong:

Every human body needs fluid foods like water to get rid of dehydration and develop stamina. On an average, an adult between the age 16 and 20 years should consume 2250 milliliters of water a day. Due to hectic schedule in your college life, you do not spare time to drink sufficient water. Some of the major problems faced by college students are:Dry or dead skinIncreased heart rateHeadacheDark-colored urineFaintingThirstDry mouth and lipsSo make a regular habit of drinking water, fruit juices, smoothies, coconut water etc.Health benefits of fluidsRegulates the body temperatureRemoves wastes from the bodyStrengthens the body organs2. Go fresh

Fresh vegetables and fruits have the power to heal any kind of body disorders as they have all the fundamental components of the diet such as fibers, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates etc. Ensure that you include them in your regular diet either directly or in the form of its supplements. Here and there you come across many quotations on the health benefits of fruits and vegetables, try to include them in your diet.Apart from these fresh meat, leafy vegetables are the storehouses of all the essential nutrients.Carrots, cabbage, spinach and cucumber have vitamin C which is in fact the most necessary component of teenagers to boost their immunity.Worthy health factsIt controls body weight by eliminating the trashCures several diseases such as cancer, heart attack and other chronic diseasesImproves facial glow3. Say NO!

Youth of this generation is more addictive to fast foods, spicy foods and other stuff that are not good for health. So, don’t hesitate to say no to the following:Fried foodsPizzasBurgersSoft drinksSmokingAlcoholDessertsHigh calorie foodsSalt dressingsSugars4. Go ‘grain’y

Grains are rich in dietary fibers and other vitamins, which provides a feeling of completeness with less calories. So make a habit of consuming them in various forms such as curries, snacks and bread. Wheat, rice, bulgur (cracked wheat), grits, whole cornmeal, brown rice and millet are some of the grains that every youngster should consume.Studies revealed that grains serve the human body in the following waysDiminish the risk of asthmaBlast belly fatsLess risk of inflammatory diseaseHealthier blood pressure levelsFewer tooth loss and gum diseaseHealthier carotid arteriesPrevent gall stonesLower risk of colorectal cancer5. Miscellaneous

Never skip your breakfastAvoid eating heavy foods at nightEat small portions of meals at least 5-6 times a dayGo from Healthy Eating for Students to Healthy Eating BasicsGo from Healthy Eating for Students to Healthy Choices HomeGo from Healthy Eating for Students to Guest Posts

The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don''t want, drink what you don''t like, and do what you''d rather not.~Mark TwainThe Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated any of the statements contained on this web site. The information contained in these Articles is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Remember the body of each person is different and will react differently to various herbal, vitamin and mineral supplements. Therefore, any supplementation must be administered on an individual basis. Use the information found on this web site as precisely that: Information. You and your doctor must make any final decisions. This information is not meant to replace any doctor and patient consultation. This information should in no way replace the advice of your personal physician ~ adapted from

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