Sugar Detox Day 8 of 21  ranhealthychef

Sugar Detox Day 8 of 21 ranhealthychef

The Chef That Ran Herself Healthy

As week two begins it is time to assess and evaluate. What worked to keep you within your goal last week and what didn’t? What were trigger points for you? Times or places that really seemed to bring about the cravings? Where did you slip up and why? Be honest with yourself and adjust as necessary to make this a great second week.

Yesterday, I wrote a bit about the importance of adding exercise to your weekly regimen and challenged everyone to complete two, twenty minute sweat sessions. I know a few of you have tight schedules and yet others that have some sort of handy excuse for why you just can’t fit it in, but I challenge you to figure it out. Twice this week, while you watch your favorite t.v. show or movie, try this easy little routine: Jog in place for 5 minutes, followed by 25 bicycle crunches, jogging for 5 more minutes, 25 regular crunches and then finish it off with 35 jumping jacks. Before your show is even over you could get in your workout. If you have time to sit and relax you have time to get your blood pumping before you plunk on the couch. It is only forty of the 10,080 minutes this week contains, you seriously can’t spare 40 minutes to progress your weight loss?!

So, I have managed to completely eliminate added sugar from my diet, re-vamped my running by getting my training schedule back on course and did them both without shrivling up and dying like the wicked witch on the Wizard of Oz. So what can I do this week to keep things interesting?

I think it’s the perfect time to introduce the detoxification drink! I first heard of this from the girls at work but after doing some reading (because that’s what I do) I decided it was worth a try. Thought up by Jillian Michaels, one of the few paid weight loss faces I actually trust because she was a fat kid. It is recommended to drink this every day to flush out the toxin build ups in our systems while dropping some water weight along the way. A win – win!

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